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We long to see people in every tribe, tongue and nation transformed for God's glory. Our mission is to share the gospel by producing effective, compelling media tools that people can understand in their own culture and language. We are preparing to serve as full-time media missionaries with Create International. Toward that end we completed an extensive missions training program called a Crossroads DTS at YWAM Perth, Australia and a secondary YWAM school called the School of Frontier Media in Thailand. We are currently on furlough in North America and hope to see you face-to-face in 2010!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boomerang Vol. 11: Land of Smiles

Thailand is often called “The Land of Smiles” so here we are to greet you with grateful hearts and big grins on our faces. We pray for you regularly and are always keenly aware that our ability to be here is because of your love and kindness. We are very pleased to report that our School of Frontier Media (SFM) tuition was just paid in full. Thank you for providing the means we required to pay for this part of the program.

Our days in the SFM lecture phase are winding down rapidly, so we are checking in with you before our next transition. This training program has been an exciting, rewarding experience that has given us great skills and confidence for our work. We moved from being at a huge base in Perth with over 300 people, to interacting with a small team of a few staff persons, five classmates, and their families. Quite a change!

We have really loved getting to know the nuts and bolts of Create International through the class and interaction with the international directors and other staff members. We have received instruction on all the major relevant topics:
• Cross Cultural Communication and Research
• Developing
Media Strategy
• Photography &
• Arts and
• Documentary Production & Directing

• Evangelism to Buddhists

• Scriptwriting

• ... and the list goes on.

Steve was very proud of Allyson directing her first film; Allyson was impressed with how adept Steve was with the Illustrator program; Abby got to join us in class for Photoshop week and Rachel is taking guitar lessons and writing songs! Though it's been a while, we've even both written a research paper. We've also mastered a few Thai phrases—mostly at meal times. Thai food has spoiled us forever. It just doesn't get any better than a giant bowl of Khao Soi or Moo Pad Nahmen Hoi or (Insert your favorite Thai dish here _____). . . we love them all even when the spices make our tongues numb. Pad Thai featured below.

Most YWAM schools have a practical, outreach phase, so our team is now preparing to head up to northern Thailand on the Burmese border to work on an evangelistic project for the Shan people. The Shan are an unreached group of over 6 million Buddhists who have no viable church, virtually no Christian population (less than 1%) and live under the ruthless oppression of the communist Myanmar government. With the hope that the good news of Jesus Christ can bring them freedom, we seek to clearly communicate a powerful message of salvation to the Shan. After extensive research this semester, we are currently refining the script for an evangelistic film we are making in their language and cultural style. Our team will also be making a mobilization film to motivate Christians around the world to engage the Shan people for the gospel.

Our outreach team will
travel north in late September to shoot the video and return to Chiang Mai in late October to edit the video until mid December. Please pray that the team will:
• remain unified and focused even in difficult
circumstances and long hours
• overcome all obstacles to successfully create
an effective film appropriate for the Shan
• receive all of the remaining funding we need to pay for this time of outreach ($2500)
• stay safe and unhindered in travel for both
staff and equipment
• continue to have God's heart for these great people and insight on how to best communicate His story to them.

Our Lord used a
friend back home on the North Shore to provide the HD camera that Steve and the team will be using to shoot Create Thailand's first HD film!

As this outreach phase begins Allyson and the girls will return home to Massachusetts at the end of September. As you know from our previous newsletters, Samuel has been living with his grandparents in Falmouth, MA. He just started his senior year of high school and joined the Math Team and Model UN clubs. Rachel and Abigail will also be enrolled in the local school there when they return. We are so grateful and blessed for the provision of a furnished home we can afford—another great answer to prayer. After the completion of the training outreach phase, Steve will return to the states just in time to celebrate Christmas with his family!

We will take our first furlough earlier than expected and for a longer time than anticipated to accommodate Sam's education and transition to college. This timetable is a bit different than we had originally thought it would be, but we've learned you really need to be flexible. In 2010 we will be actively engaged in full-time deputation to raise the funds we need for long-term service with Create International.

Lord willing, we also intend to serve Create International in the US by mobilizing, teaching and representing the ministry at conferences and key events around the country. The practical details of this plan are being worked out in partnership with the Create International directors. We know that the Lord has us right where he wants us and we are looking forward with anticipation to how this year will work out. It is our intention to then return to the field once Samuel is safely ensconced in college, and we are waiting on the Lord for a specific timetable. We currently have an open invitation to return to Thailand anytime in 2010 and serve with the team at the Create International base here in Chiang Mai.
In this upcoming transition, please pray for Allyson, Samuel, Rachel and Abigail as they:
• adjust to new circumstances again

• start new schools and seek out new friends

• survive on a reduced income

• acquire an automobile and other needs

• pay off the loan for the airfare home ($3000)
• manage without Steve for three months.

Steve will also be very sad to be away from his
family for so long and will require special attention in prayer.

Best of all, we hope to see all of you in 2010. We look forward to sharing with you about our adventures and, even better, the great things God is doing around the world today. Until then, keep those prayers coming.

You may send gifts and donations for our support to Ripe for Harvest and please designate Account #247 in the memo line but please do not include our name on the check. Send it to:
Ripe for Harvest
N. Power Rd #113282

Mesa AZ 85215-1674

Ripe for Harvest is able to issue a tax deductible receipt in the USA, whereas YWAM Thailand is not.

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