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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello Singapore!

Yeah! We are safely ensconced in Singapore. It was a bittersweet day leaving Perth. We all have such a great affection for the place and all our newest friends we have left behind. It's tough to have had another set of goodbyes to the BIG goodbyes we had to make last December. We think serving with YWAM must be full of a lot of hellos and goodbyes. Emotionally I think it's been hardest on the girls leaving Perth. They really created such strong relationships with both the people and the YWAM base life itself. Please pray for them as the transition to Thailand is harder on them.

The flight from Perth to Malay
sia was delayed by over an hour. Consequently we got in very late into KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), and then the hotel put us in the wrong room and we had to move at about 1 in the morning. Well, that's the short version. Anyway, the 2nd room was awesome and we got about 5 hours of decent sleep. After a quick, complimentary breakfast we were headed back to the KLIA for the flight to Singapore. We very nearly had our carry on bags confiscated (The official word I use when they want to stow the bags rather than letting us carry them on to the plane!), but they relented at the last minute and all our bags made it onto the plane! The flight was up and down before we had much of a chance to read any books. Shortest flight ever!

We still had some trouble purchasing our tickets out of Singapore to Thailand from AirAsia. We had tried many times online unsuccessfully, and finally over the phone they encouraged us to just pay for them at the airport. We tried this morning and still no success. When I called the credit card company in the states 12 hours later they blamed the problem on a bad magnetic strip on the credit card or failure to key in the expiration date correctly. They want to cancel the card and send a new one to me in Massachusetts. That's not going to help us get to Thailand, I say. Instead, we took out more cash from the checking account using the debit card again and at least we have tickets to Thailand now. What an adventure living on the edge!

By the way, Changi International Airport in Singapore is one of the nicest airports we've ever seen. So clean and efficient. Our day in Singapore has been very low key. We checked in around 1 pm into the YMCA on Orchard Road with a great view of downtown Singapore. The three big views of the city in this report were all taken from the rooftop here.

We've only walked a few blocks away from our hotel today and found amazing Asian food and an 8 level mall with a bazillion shops! You can imagine what that does for three girls in search of bargains! Physical force was used to restrain them from a crazed shopping frenzy.

We were delighted to be mistaken for Australians today. It wasn't the accents. Maybe just our amazing whiteness and proximity to Australia makes us likely candidates?

Free internet access at the hotel means we get to post this report complete with cool photos from Singapore. So far so good, friends. Thanks for all the prayers! We literally live on them as you can see by this report.

Bless you guys heaps!

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