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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Benefit Screening at the Griffen Theatre in Salem




Salem, Mass. (June 17, 2008)-- The Griffen Theatre presents The Best of the Playomatic- A Hilarious Short Film Screening on Friday, June 27th and Saturday, June 28th at 8 p.m. There is a $20 suggested donation at the door.

Beverly-based filmmaker Steve Stuart has won several awards at Boston's 48 Hour Film Project for his zany shorts, filmed mostly in Beverly and Salem, with one specifically shot entirely at the Griffen Theatre.

The shorts feature North Shore actors and one pesky yard gnome that pops up in each of them. Featured short films include: America's Next Top Superhero, Opening Night Jitters, Sneaker Double Feature and the most recently shot Deadly Deja Vu.

Set up as an old-fashioned silent movie and shot in Salem, Stuart's 2006 film Opening Night Jitters is about a desperate director needing to rescue his play from the clutches of a randy, temperamental actor just before the first performance. Hormones are raging, tempers are flaring, pretzels are flying, and the mob boss just showed up to collect the past due rent. But the show must go on!

The evening will also include a world premiere. Clueless Dine Out features the filmmaker in a rare appearance in one of his own works as eight different men and five women.

The evening is a benefit for the filmmaker and his family, who plan to move to Western Australia next January to work for Create International, a cutting-edge ministry organization in Perth that provides culturally relevant Christian video and web materials to different nationalities throughout the world.

According to the filmmaker, these "strange, little films" represent his alter ego. Stuart's 2007 film Hope for Uganda screened at the Salem Film Fest this year and was produced to highlight the work of World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization.

Stuart and Griffen Theatre artistic director Erik Rodenhiser met when the two acted together in the first few years of Cry Innocent, Gordon College's reenactment of what followed when Bridget Bishop was accused of witchcraft in 1692. Rodenhiser says the two are always involved in each other's projects and Rodenhiser stars in several of Stuart's zany films.

"I knew he was working to go to Australia and I wanted to give him something and I thought, I have a theater to give," says Rodenhiser.

To reserve tickets, call (978) 825-0222. For more information on Baldwin's mission work, visit Baldwin's blog at

http://baldwinboomerang.blogspot.com. For those who cannot attend, donations can be given through The Griffen Theatre at 7 Lynde Street, Salem, MA 01970.

Steve Adds: These are not Christian films or documentaries, they are short, silly comedies. Most are family friendly, but some of the films contain some content of a more PG-13 nature. If you are concerned, let us know and we can allow you to preview what to expect at the event by sharing a short film with you online.

Photo Credits: Opening Night Jitters Cast & Crew (Karl Blaser), Kip the Gnome & The Ladybug (David Stirling)


Anonymous said...

The problem with missionaries is that they haven’t found ways to incorporate their worldviews with African indigenous traditions and ways of life. I had this discussion with a friend of mine from the Zulu tribe in southern Africa and we both agreed that missionary worldview is often at odds with our indigenous traditions and culture. I’m a Maasai who went through missionary education. My question is what are the missionaries doing to help us bridge our identities with your worldview?

Anonymous said...

I sincerely believe that belief in the good news of Jesus Christ is not at odds with any culture inherently and compatible with most indigenous traditions, except of course things like widow burning and child sacrifices and incest and obvious bits like that. I like how you asked at the end "what are missionaries doing to help us bridge our identities with your worldview?" That is the question I believe more missionaries should be asking. The gospel can and should be shared in a way that enhances and fulfills cultural expectations, not distracts or demeans them.
This is too big a subject for a small comment, but I trust you find this response a positive one.